About Lateejay Nigeria Limited

Lateejay is an indigenous Engineering, Procurement, Installation, Construction (EPIC) and supply chain solutions provider established in 1988. The company has a vision to provide seamless solution to organizations by helping them meet their need and supply chain objectives. Our expertise and strong commitment to excellence in execution and delivery makes us the preferred partner as we offer our clients quality, delivering value to them across the supply value chain. Whatever the needs, we provide strong partnership as a supply chain service provider in outsourcing, manufacturing, engineering, and transportation.

Providing solutions to the Nigerian Oil and Gas sector, linking vital channels of each network together and providing a firsthand and constructive answer to so many impending problems at hand. LN limited creates an avenue for a proper dissemination of information ,and products and application of knowledge and technology to these problems, upstream to downstream creating unique solution at different facets while facing different challenges.