Logistics Solution

Upstream Oil & Gas Logisticcs

Oil & Gas drive the world. Energy derived from them lights homes, fuels vehicles and powers industries globally. Getting that energy to consumers is one thing, providing upstream supply support for the exploration, development and extraction processes is another. Lateejay meets those needs by integrating every individual customer’s upstream supply chain requirements with rig agency, hub services and bespoke logistics.

Lateejay Upstream Oil & Gas Logistics provides dedicated support all the way from exploration through to oilfield development, using our core competencies in supply chain, offshore, complemented by a portfolio of integrated shipping, logistics and marine solutions. Whether it is the transportation of a drill pipe to a land-based yard, rig mobilisation, agency services for supplies and personnel, or delivering specialised heavy equipment and spare parts through an integrated supply chain, Lateejay Upstream Oil & Gas Logistics is your one-stop solution.